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Michelle Stiver


I've been a hairdresser for 31 years. I grew up thinking my hair was difficult to manage. I battled frizz my entire life...blowing out my hair with a round brush was my go to for styling. I eventually caved to chemical smoothing and daily heat styling. My hair was dry, damaged and had lost its shine. I grew increasingly tired of the routine and decided to finally embrace my natural texture. Like many in the curly community I fell down the rabbit hole of information relating to curly hair. It was then that I realized what a need there was to help others embrace their natural curl. I've found my passion in curly hair, and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the joy on my clients' faces as they learn that they too can achieve beautiful results. 


  • Curl By Curl Certified

  • Cut It Kinky Level 1 Technically Intuitive

  • Curly Hair Artistry Certified

  • DevaCurl Level 3 Certified

  • DevaCurl Level 2 Advanced

  • DevaCurl Level 1 Inspired

  • DevaCurl Art of Texture

  • Jayne Matthews: Razor Craft & Hand Styling

  • Ouidad Certified

  • Rëzo Certified

  • Mona Baltazar: The Mona Cut

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