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Welcome! This is where your journey to beautiful, healthy curls begins. With an experience unlike any other, we will dive deep into your routine while working together to find the cut and style that will best suit your lifestyle. I look forward to meeting you soon!


As a first time guest, the Customized Curly Experience will be your selection when booking your appointment online. This is a one on one appointment where we celebrate your curls. I will conduct a detailed analysis of your hair and map out a plan specific to your needs. I will perform a Customized Curly Cut that includes a tutorial. We will document your journey with pictures, so we can see how your curls evolve. 


Scheduling is done through the online booking available on this website. This is a 60 day rolling calendar. If you don't see any available appointments online, that is because nothing is available during the next 60 days. New appointments are revealed each day. 

To view all of my other services please click here.


Please arrive with your hair cleansed, conditioned, detangled and completely dry. You should style your hair with products that best define your curls. I want to see the curl you achieve in your day to day routine. Please DO NOT arrive with your hair in any style that would alter your natural curl pattern. This means no ponytails, no braids, no clips, and no hats. Please do not brush out your dry hair, as that will disrupt your curl. 

Natural Curls by Michelle Stiver
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